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Point of Bank

Are you tired of paying fees for traditional credit card processing? More and more merchants across the country are using Point of Banking (Cashless ATM) systems as a way to increase sales and eliminate fees! When you save money, you are actually building your profits and the Point of Banking Systems permit you to do just that without any loss of business.

How it works

The Point of Banking terminal works on a pin based system that is very safe to use. It eliminates the need for cash to be loaded into the machine, thus reducing security concerns when having a traditional cash dispensing ATM machine on the premises. When your customer makes a transaction, their card is swiped in the same way as traditional credit cards, a pin is entered, and the customer incurs a small convenience fee at the point of sale, eliminating merchant fees altogether.

How does it benefit the merchant to use Point of Banking systems?

Why would you want to switch or opt for such a machine, you may well wonder. Actually, you get many benefits when you use this type of payment processing.
Among other things you:

  • Eliminate transaction fees charged by traditional credit card processing companies
  • Save on high insurance charges that are needed when having a conventional cash dispensing ATM machine on the premises
  • Save on space; the terminal takes up very little space and can even be put on the counter
  • Increase sales